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About This Item.

  • Improved Endurance: Super VIGA is designed to reduce the sensitivity of the penis, which can help prolong sexual activity and delay ejaculation.
  • Enhanced Pleasure: Using Super VIGA reduces sensitivity to allow users to enjoy sexual stimulation for longer periods, leading to a more intense sexual experience.
  • Greater Control: Super VIGA gives users greater control over when they reach orgasm, which can be especially useful during partnered sex.
  • Increased Confidence: For those who experience premature ejaculation, using Super VIGA can help boost confidence by reducing the fear of ejaculating too quickly.
  • Safe and Effective: Super VIGA is safe, effective and easy to use with no side effects.

Product description

Super VIGA 150000 is a powerful delay cream that reduces sensitivity to help men control and delay their ejaculation. By having control of their climax, they can enjoy increased pleasure and stimulation for longer periods with their partner without the fear of ejaculating prematurely.

Simply apply a small amount of cream prior to sexual intercourse and the fast acting formula will be absorbed into the skin to reduce sensitivity, give you full control and increase your sexual confidence. Some men also experience more powerful and intense orgasms when they do finally climax.

Super VIGA 150000 is safe, effective and easy to use with no side effects.


  1. Apply a small amount to the penis and gently massage into the skin.
  2. Wait 10-20 minutes (you may feel a very slight numbing sensation as it is being absorbed into the skin).
  3. Play time with your partner.
  4. Wash product off thoroughly after use.

NOTE: The amount of cream needed and timing will vary from person to person.

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