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  • Traditional Matcha Green Tea Powder: Chinese tea is renowned for its cultural importance, health-boosting properties and, most of all, taste. Our matcha powder is grown and produced in the China mainland.
  • Health Benefits of Matcha Tea: Matcha tea powder provides a wealth of health-boosting benefits. It’s rich in antioxidants, improves heart health, boosts cognitive performance and liver function. It can also contribute towards maintenance of a healthy weight.
  • Pure, Organic and Natural: Our matcha green tea powder is 100% free from all added sugars, colourings or preservatives. Enjoy your matcha green tea the way people have for centuries.
  • What Does Premium Grade Mean? - Recognisable by its darker green colour and milder, more refreshing taste, premium grade matcha comes from the second harvest. However, it’s still delicious and boasts an abundance of health-boosting properties.
  • Ideal for Drinks - From an irresistible matcha latte or smoothie to the time-honoured matcha green tea, there’s no better way to make a home-brewed drink feel special than by using Natural Bios premium grade matcha.


Ceremonial Preparation: Add 80 ml of water and 1 g of Matcha.

Drink and Cake Preparation: Add Matcha tea powder to your shakes, milk or your oven-baked cakes. It is recommended using a maximum of two portions per day (about one teaspoon). Exceptional also if mixed with other flavourings such as vanilla, cinnamon and white chocolate.

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