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Ush 50,000

1. Use the spray - helps relieve pain, keeps you energized throughout the day, and relieves bunion pain.
2. Bunion spray - penetrates the skin and works more easily than oral anti-inflammatory drugs.
3. Moisturizes the bunion - removes dry and hard skin around the bunion. Solve dry skin problems.
4. Versatile - Useful for any joint pain or inflammation caused by soreness. Perfect for anyone who works standing up all day, enjoys long walks or races. Pain relief allows you to think about other things than your feet.
5. Relieve cervical spine pain from sedentary office workers and back pain of the elderly.
6. Relax muscle tissue and release muscle vitality, Spray every day to keep you away from soreness.
7. Gently spray on the painful area,it will slowly heat up the temperature is comfortable.

Product: Joint Pain Relief Spray
Applicable parts: Hands, legs,spine
Efficacy: Relieve joint pain
Content: 30ml
For people: Suitable for people with neck,shoulder,waist and leg pain
How to use: Take an appropriate amount of this product,spray on the skin surface

If there is any discomfort, please stop using it immediately.
Only for external use.

Package Included
1 * 30ml spray

Pickup available at Enjosh Stockists, Universal House

Usually ready in 1 hour

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