Ush 100,000

This oil is purely herbal 🌿 with very strong skin penetration strength up to the bone 🦴. 
Please do not apply on any sensitive skin or wound, no face, no private parts, no internal use or ingestion. 
It’s best used by Chinese for Joint pain, Legs, Arms and Back pain ONLY. Do not try to self medicate coz it’s extremely strong, take a warm shower of the area u want to apply, and apply a single swipe on that area, do not massage the area, it will present with a deep penetration which might feel a bit hot, once it reaches the deepest part of the bone, the heat feeling will stop. Apply it to the affected area for at least 5 times depending on how u feel, share the results. It’s very effective with joint pain and back pain. Please keep it far away from kids, it’s very lethal if applied wrongly.

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Usually ready in 1 hour

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